Here are a few Clarinet Materials to be used for Private Study. These materials provide specific information pertaining to the clarinet (i.e. equipment, proper technique, exercises, fingering, and a tuning guide).

These materials are for educational purposes ONLY and are not to be used in commercial terms.

Clarinet 101

This is a packet containing important information on clarinet. The information contained in this packet includes: the basic set-up - an equipment guide; the basics - breathing, embouchure, posture and carriage; technique - fingering articulation and the mouth cavity for voicing; and Reed Nomenclature.

Exercises 101

This packet contains numerous important exercises to cover a range of technique on the clarinet. These exercises should be attempted in a daily routine exercise pattern. The exercises include: long tones, scales (major, and melodic and natural minor), arpeggios, scale in thirds, articulation, Crossing the Break, and the circle of 5ths chart.

Tuning Sheet A   Tuning Sheet B

This is a tuning chart for individuals to notate pitch tendencies on his/her individual horn. It covers the standard extended range on a Bb Soprano Clarinet.

Clarinet Fingering Guide

This provides a chart description of fingerings for the clarinet in the standard range.

High Register Fingering Guide

This provides a chart description of high fingerings for the clarinet, including alternate fingerings, and variances based on intonation tendencies of the instrument.